To get digital you need to be digital — and learn the language

When you come across a new terminology, some new jargon or acronyms, do you seek to understand what they mean or let them wash over you?

I encourage all of my audiences to be curious and embrace digital. I implore them that “to get digital you need to be digital”, and lean forward when these new words and phrases pop up.

To support this, I show my “scary slide” which deliberately has digital words and phrases they may not be familiar with.

You can see the slide in full in the video below.

Instead of asking for a show of hands as to how many people did not know what some of the words mean, I suggest that as a start they go to Wikipedia and understand what the words mean.

I then suggest they seek to understand how these new digital phrases will impact their business, their industry and in turn their careers.

There is a reason why this slide is my most-photographed at conferences, and there is an audible “aww” when it changes as people want to know why these phrases will impact their business in the next 2 years.

Do you actively seek to understand new digital terminology when confronted with it?

How many phrases on my slide did you know about? Let me know below in the comments below.



Andrew Grill - The Actionable Futurist®

The Actionable Futurist®. Former Global Managing Partner @ IBM. Proud Dad. TEDx & International Keynote Speaker. Aussie in London.