Thanks to Facebook and GDPR the Personal Daeta Revolution has started

For some time now I’ve been saying to corporate audiences in my keynotes that in under 5 years we will not be reading ads — robots will. As promised, in one 8-minute take I put forward my proposition about how we will take back control of our data in a meaningful way.

What the Facebook hearings have shown us is that there is a great deal of interest from consumers in the value of their own data. While Mark Zuckerberg may have thought he was repeating himself with every Senator’s question, his view of data ownership is a skewed one.

While he claims that when using Facebook we “own and control” our data — we don’t.

Facebook’s one-sided user agreement means that they take our data and can do all sorts of things with it.

Real control is that each and every time Facebook or any other company wants to use my data, they do an API call to my own cloud server (machine talking to machine) and request permission, on my terms.

In the vlog, I outline how we will no longer be reading ads instead our AI-powered digital agents will be doing the reading and bidding for us.

With GDPR coming into play in 6 weeks time, we now have the catalyst to provide a real change in how our personal data is valued and used.

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