GDPR presents a huge opportunity for companies and individuals — outsourcing ads to robots

It seems like everything is being outsourced to robots, and many jobs will go away so let’s outsource the pain of watching ads that interrupt what we are doing to robots.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which takes effect in the EU in May 2018 is seen by many companies as a huge hassle. I see it differently. I see GDPR as a huge opportunity for both companies and individuals — and the catalyst for personal data ownership with robots taking the role of watching ads away from humans.

I discussed this opportunity at the ICMIF Biennial event in London — you can watch a 2-minute vignette below where I set out the case for individuals taking back control of their data and automated “data brokers” doing the heavy lifting of watching ads (receiving digital offers).

I see a world in the not too distant future where individuals control who is able to contact them with marketing messages, and were Blockchain and derivatives such as Ethereum are used to facilitate an AI broker relationship between individuals and brands — in real time, without the individual having to view and respond to offers manually.

A few years ago when I suggested the notion of a world without interruption-based advertising, I was laughed off the stage by advertising agencies. They said that people “like receiving ads”.

What about if we outsourced the viewing of ads to robots!

In the world of GDPR and personal data ownership, I see the ability for “digital agents” to broker digital relationships with my trusted suppliers a near-term reality.

Watch my 2-minute pitch below and leave me a comment below. Do you believe that AI can be used to take the pain of watching ads away and giving it to the robots to process instead?

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Many people have asked me how they can navigate the GDPR legislation and become GPDR ready.

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