Dear Facebook, my terms and conditions have changed

  1. You agree to only derive personal information from my personal site and provide an updated copy of the information you hold on me in real time using the digi-agreement protocol. You also agree not to store my personal information on your server.
  2. You agree to rent access to my personal data at the rate of £500 per annum. This payment will be in cash, or provided as free/discounted access to your services. This will be payable each month in advance to my nominated bank account.
  3. If by mutual digital agreement we both decide to use my name, likeness, image or brand in any advertisements on your site, you agree to pay me 25% of the advertising revenue derived from this placement. Payment will be made within 7 days of the advertisement having been shown. Delays in payment will be penalised at 5% per day.
  4. If by mutual digital agreement, we agree to pass any of my personal data to a third party, you will provide payment at the rate of £10 per day that this data is used, per 3rd party the data is provided to.
  5. You agree that I have ultimate control over the data you source from me and you agree not to modify the data without mutual digital consent.
  6. Any data that is processed, enhanced or modified by you shall be provided back to my digital agent immediately it has been processed and the ownership of this data belongs to me.
  7. You do not have permission to use my data in any other program, platform or company without my digital consent. Any breach of this condition will carry a $1M penalty, payable within 7 days of the breach.
  8. Failure to comply with any of these terms and conditions will result in a breach of this digital contract and will attract an immediate penalty of $1M.



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Andrew Grill - The Actionable Futurist™

Andrew Grill - The Actionable Futurist™

The Actionable Futurist™. Former Global Managing Partner @ IBM. Proud Dad. TEDx & International Keynote Speaker. Aussie in London.