Are you taking cybersecurity seriously in 2020?


When the World Economic Forum decides that cybersecurity is one of the top global risks alongside climate change, extreme weather and natural disasters you know it’s serious. Their recent report on the top global risks identified cyber threats as something that has the capacity to disrupt society on a massive scale.

To help better understand the threats and how to deal with them, I spoke with IBM’s Global Cyber Expert Nick Coleman on the first episode of season 2 of the PracticalFuturist Podcast.

We covered a whole range of topics:

  • Using AI to prevent attacks
  • Why executives and the board be cyber aware
  • Getting business schools interested in cyber security
  • How ready are you for a crisis?
  • Running cyber fire drills
  • The employee as part of the ‘last mile’ of security
  • Cloud security and GDPR
  • The 5 stages of responding to an attack
  • The cybersecurity skills gap
  • Three things to do this week

If you haven’t considered cyber threats in the same way you wonder about burglars breaking into your office then you need to listen to this episode today.

Listen below, click this link to have it open on your device or search for “practical futurist podcast” in your favourite app.

Series 2 Episode 1: The Future of Cyber Security with Nick Coleman from IBM



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